natasha wills


  1. “I’m a radical traditionalist because I understand that freedom comes from the ego being released in tradition. Some might be confused by the term “radical traditionalist.” That’s good. But its meaning might become clearer if inverted – I work in a tradition of radicalism. Through my interests in painting I can trace my lineage through generations of other painters – I become part of something greater and I can understand what I’m doing and my place: picking up a torch lit in the caves and passing it on. That might sound pretty pretentious but if you look at real painters you know it has to be true. Rather than being limiting, tradition provides the framework of freedom.” -Billy Childish

  2. “Art is today so consumed with being relevant and sellable that it has become irrelevant and worthless. The art we see is too often the by-product of attention seeking wannabes who have just discovered a paint brush or Photoshop. They revel in their discovery of an outside world, a feat most people with a soul achieve at age five. George gives the audience credit where credit is due. We are not idiots without hearts. Instead we are people who live our lives, have our battles, and believe our private dreams. It’s what good art has always been about.” – John Burns